More about Robyn

Welcome to my colorful world of art!                                

Robyn was raised in a very artistic family that fostered a special connection and appreciation for art from an early age. Many of her earlier years were spent raising a family and running a business. However, when unforeseen health issues came to light, she discovered art as one of her greatest outlets as she began exploring and playing with different art styles and techniques. This is where her passion was born.

As a self-taught artist, her curiosity and fearless approach unearthed a passion that colors her life every day with pure joy and freedom. To this day, her style is ever changing and evolving with her family, tastes in music and daily outlooks. She loves creating pieces with an array of colors that bring thought to the mind and soul to the heart. Every day brings new emotions and inspirations, which drives her to look closely at her surroundings and examine the beauty in the organic color palettes of nature and the world around her. Often times it’s the gnarled and twisted old oak tree, the serene ocean, the aged buildings, the textured stones, and even the old, paint-chipped wooden doors, that she feels a connection.

When she begins each new, original painting, there are rarely any preconceived notions about what the completed piece might look like. She allows the paint to flow naturally, adding layer upon layer to build up to the completed art piece. Her finished work is often full of depth, color and textures that reveal hints of the underlying pentimento. Acrylics and permanent inks allow her to rapidly create multiple layers without muddying her palette leaving the colors bold and rich. Color is her true forte.                                                                                                                                             

She doesn’t ascribe to traditional mediums or practices, but rather lets her inner artist guide the direction and scope of each piece. She loves the process of allowing her painting to unfold naturally, using the effects of light and depth of her paint strokes to maintain the vivid color seen in each piece. The abstract patterns found within the paintings provide the viewer with a sense of stability and recognition with the world they are accustomed to. Through the trials and tribulations that she has experienced, she has learned the only constant is change, thus no two pieces she creates will ever be alike.
As an artist she fulfills her dreams again and again with every new painting. Every touch and every color have a statement. Each detail has a meaning. Connecting with the artwork is vital when looking to collect pieces you love to surround yourself with.

“The challenge to create motivates me and forces me to stay on my toes. Each piece I compose is a mirror to my soul. It keeps me alive. A blank canvas humbles me like nothing else. When you look at my artwork, you are getting a glimpse into who I am, as well as a glimpse into your own emotions and feelings.”

As you look at her artwork, you will see that the bright warmth of her surroundings inspires her, and she hopes to in turn inspire you. She believes through her journey of self development and personal growth it will bring love, mystery, hope, innocence, spirituality, kindness and self-connection to you.  Her goal is to make people happy - with both her artwork and customer service for her clients and collectors. The art she creates is never truly finished until it hangs on your wall and adorns your space with a special and unique energy.